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How do your NIR measurements compare with reference methods?

Most NIR experts agree that the performance of NIR calibration is improving all the time, but how exactly does the performance and NIR measurements compare to the reference methods? Here’s your chance to find out with this limited free test of a new application developed by chemometrics expert Martin Andersson.

The app gives anyone working with NIR calibration a quick indication of calibration performance. It should be a great help in communicating to others about the reliability of the NIR calibration you are using. And you may get some pleasant surprises in terms of how well your calibrations are actually doing.

Along with the app NIR application veterans Martin Andersson and Lars Nørgaard describes a new procedure that tests if the linearity between NIR and its reference method is significant, and if so, if the performance of NIR is better, the same, or worse than the reference method. Using the app test example shows how NIR outperforms Kjeldahl when it comes to analysis of wheat protein content. You can run through the test example or you can add your own numbers and see the results.

Find more information and start using the NIR calibration app right here. You can do so until July 31st 2013 for now – if you like the app or find it a potential solution be sure to let us know and we will look into how we can make this an integrated solution incorporating your feedback.

[iframe src=”http://chemometrics.foss.dk/montpellier-method/” title=”Calculator” width=”595″ height=”900″ scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″]

What do you think of this app?

Initially we’re running Martin Anderssons NIR application as a limited test but if the app proves popular and the results helpful we will look into making this a permanent solution – it all depends on your experiences, so please let us know what you think of this opportunity in the comments below.

Did you find any pleasant surprises in terms of your NIR performance compared to reference methods? How might this app help you in your work? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Let us know and help us improve the app to better fit your needs in the future.

2 Responses

  1. Kristian Damsgaard

    Hello Martin and Crew
    Great app, but can we get it as a `stand-alone` xls.fil ?
    best regards
    Kristian Damsgaard/Brdr. Ewers DK

  2. Martin Andersson

    @Kristian Damsgaard
    @Kristian DamsgaardHi Kristian,
    Thanks for trying out our application. We are happy to hear that you found it useful.  It is not programmed in Excel so we don’t have what you are asking for, sorry about that. 
    Please continue to use the web application. If you find some interesting and useful results – or if you got some strange “conclusions” from it, let us know. This is a new way to compare methods and so need all the feedback we can get.
    Best regards
    Martin Andersson


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