Shared perspective: New ways to secure quality feed with NIR

by Nirperformance staff,

With NIR technology under constant evolution, presents a collection of articles and videos capturing some of the latest trends, both in terms of instrument hardware and instrument software and calibrations.

One such consideration is instrument standardisation. As anyone who has managed a fleet of instruments will know, the need to keep an eye on instruments and keep them all measuring alike can be a burden on time and resources, especially if they are located across different locations. A video interview with experts on the subject of instrument standardization brings you up to date with developments in instrument design and the advantages for modern feed operations.

The subject of in-line NIR in the feed production process is also explored through the eyes of user, giving a good insight into the advantages of ‘going in-line’ and what the considerations are.

Beyond the instrument itself, we also take a look at the potential of software systems to make better use of NIR data in feed formulation – an area that can be described as the new frontier for performance of NIR solutions for feed.

The area of calibration development is also covered with articles on the availability of new tests for phosphorous and available energy in feed material. And still on the theme of calibration, an NIR user explains the value of readymade calibrations. Wrapping it up, another NIR user describes the process of  moving on from an older NIR system and the importance of calibration transferability.

Of course it could be possible to add other themes to this collection, but we hope you enjoy this new shared perspective as a snapshot of some of the main NIR tech developments right now and just around the corner.


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