The need for an integrated solution

FOSS senior manager and affiliate professor with the University of Copenhagen, Lars Nørgaard talks to about the importance of high quality NIR instruments and the need for an integrated solution in feed analysis. Watch the video to learn more about chemometrics and what to keep in mind when creating robust models for NIR feed analysis.

Want to learn more about instrumentation, calibration, sampling or other aspects of chemometrics and NIR analysis?

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  1. jrcuesta

    Thanks Lars for the advices. I agree with you with the importance of the instrumentation an the development of robust calibrations. We must be careful when developing calibrations with the outliers we removed, we must be really sure about that decission.

  2. Lars Nørgaard

    Hi José
    I agree that outliers are very important to deal with. I think there is a difference dealing with outliers during calibration modelling and during validation/prediction. While developing the calibration model I am not so nervous about excluding individually deviating samples (not clusters of samples!), since the purpose of modelling is to estimate a robust model explaining the main structures in data. Outliers will influence this estimation in a non-optimal way. It is of course always interesting, or actually a must, to dig into why the sample is an outlier e.g. to estimate how often you expect to encounter such a sample.
    Br Lars

  3. jrcuesta

    That is a good point to be considered. Thak you
    BR José Ramón


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