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About NIRperformance.com

NIRperformance.com is an online resource center for professionals in the feed industry who work with near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology. Offering objective advice and know-how, NIRperformance.com brings feed professionals and NIR experts together to discuss the latest developments and concerns within feed production and infrared analysis. Experts contribute useful information and resources and engage in insightful discussions so that everyone can benefit from an active, focused feed industry network.

NIRperformance.com intends to spread knowledge and foster innovation. It is not here to push branded products or services. There are no fees or obligations when participating in the NIRperformance.com community. The only thing required is a passion for accurate feed analysis and a desire to share knowledge and learn from one another.

NIRperformance.com is powered by FOSS.

How it works

Much of the information on NIRperformance.com is divided into four main areas: Calibration, Production controlTechnology and Application. Each of these categories features informative content that address specific issues and advances within NIR analysis in the feed industry.

NIRperformance.com is also home to Shared Perspectives, an online ‘event’ where selected contributors offer their thoughts on a specific technical or business issue within NIR analysis in the feed industry. The participants in a Shared Perspectives ‘event’ each have a unique point of view and their insight is instrumental in solving many industry challenges.

Do you have knowledge to share with your industry peers?

Participating in the NIRperformance.com community is simple. You can contribute your latest white paper, article or study, or you can get involved in an upcoming Shared Perspectives panel. NIRperformance.com is great opportunity to boost your professional profile and connect with thought leaders in your industry.